Sponsor one of our horses

We currently house 8 horses and ponies at our Centre who provide riding, driving and hippotherapy 6 days per week Sunday to Friday. Maintaining their health and well-being in order that they can work their magic with our riders costs approximately £155,000 per year.

Each horse and pony working for Herefordshire RDA requires sponsorship. All costs have been calculated including the cost of hay, hard feed, bedding, shoeing, worming, annual dentist, regular chiropractor treatment and veterinary costs.


Full Sponsorship  Cost
 Horse Full Sponsorship  £1,000 per year
 Pony Full Sponsorship  £750.00 per year


  We also offer part sponsorship packages with a maximum of 4 part sponsors per horse/pony.
 Horse Part Sponsorship  £250 per year
 Pony Part Sponsorship  £187.50 per year
  • We shall send you an e-newsletter on a termly basis and a space in there for you to advertise if you wish.
  • We will add your name (Company Name) as a sponsor on the sign outside your pony’s/horse’s stable door
  • A visit to the Centre for you and your work colleagues/members to see the amazing work and magic that happens when a rider is on the horse.
  • We will also keep you informed of any shows that your sponsored horse/pony is competing at.