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Treat the ponies and support HRDA

Treat the ponies and support HRDA

There is a new way to support us. We’ve created an Amazon Wish List.

If you want to donate to us but would rather buy us a gift, just click the link. Why not take a peek? Everything’s super useful and will go straight to our therapeutic services. 

You can format in cost order to spend £5 or upwards – some items are for the horses as a treat, like the salt licks, which they love to have! Other horsey bits are fly sprays, fly masks, grooming brushes, hoof spray and head collars in three sizes.

We’d love a couple  more wheelbarrows for the yard at some point, plus a broom or two. Your support and care is always appreciated! We know you like to shop local but as a rural area, many people also go online so the SMILE function and wishlist certainly help us out – please do bookmark. Last, we put our postal address in the details – so kindly ensure it arrives to our premises, rather than needing a redirect!

We are self funded via grants donations and regional fundraising.

Thank you –

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