Ride With Us

We are able to offer riding and equine therapy to anyone with a physical, learning or emotional disability. The benefits of which can be varied and will depend on each client. Riding therapy traditionally strengthens core muscles and the movement of the horse assists with balance and muscle stiffness.

Our coaches work with clients to devise exercises with the horses that encourage movement, interaction and co-ordination.

Riding Therapy
We run riding sessions at our Holme Lacy Centre 4 days a week. A session usually lasts 30 minutes and can be individual or a small group of up to 5 people.
We have a hoist that clients with limited movement or who are wheelchair bound to mount the horses.
Our mechanical horse ‘Steddy Eddy’ can also be used for clients for who a moving horse is not suitable.

Horse Experience
We appreciate that not all clients may wish to ride but may gain greater benefit from spending time around our horses and ponies. We can offer sessions where a client can spend time on the yard grooming (or just even talking to) a pony. Clients can also take a pony for a walk out around the fields to encourage bonding and interaction.

Are your instructors qualified?
Yes – our coaches follow the training qualifications pathway through the National Riding for the Disabled association and are assessed regularly by regional coaches. They attend training courses throughout the year on safeguarding, coaching techniques and updates on assisting clients with different medical conditions.

How do I register myself or someone I care for ?
We require a new rider application form to be completed in order for us to know more about your needs.
We will then invite you for an assessment so we can talk about which riding sessions might be suitable and how we can best match you with a horse and pony.

Please use the link below to download our rider application form:

Rider Application Form (117 downloads)