The People


The most important people here are the clients. But it takes a body of people to keep it all going. That’s the staff, the volunteers and helpers, and the trustees.

The Staff

Centre Manager – Lisa Millman

RDA West Mercia Chairman & County Trainer – Celia Baker – RDAI, BHSAI

 Riding Instructors
 Driving Instructors
 Rachael King – BHSAI & Stage 4, RDA Group Coach  Lisa Millman – RDA AB whip
 Lisa Millman – RDA Group Coach
The Yard

Yard Manager: Rachael King

Grooms: Charlotte Annette and Steph Boyce.


The Office

Jo Mcghee – Office Manager

Dawn Richardson – Admin Assist Friday morning

Rosemary Hoyes(v) – Monday

Nick Jones(v)- Wednesday Afternoon

Alison Green(v) – Wednesday Morning

Dawn Richardson(v) – Thursday, Friday Afternoon & Sunday


And can we here, thank John Finch Computers who kindly look after our IT needs.


Jesse Norman MP, Richard Claridge, Lady Slynn, Marcelle Lloyd-Hayes.


I was re-introduced to horses, and indeed the RDA, by my granddaughter who was having riding lessons on a Sunday at Holme Lacy. I soon started to just drop in‘ whenever I was able during the week and could see the immense pleasure thathese animals were giving to some special people and the hard work and dedication of the staff. I wondered what I could do to help and support this organisationI had been involved with horses since childhood when I had my own pony and was a member of South Hereford Pony Club. My brother was a farrier. I have run a groundworks and plant hire business for over 30 years and thought that some of this knowledge may be of use to the RDA. I fully support the RDA and the work they undertake and acknowledge how much this actually costs. It is important tmaximise benefits, identify and promote fundraising possibilities.
Having had a passion for horses all my life I was drawn to the RDA when other voluntary commitments came to an end and I thought that my skills may be of use even though I am over retirement age. Shortly before I had started carriage driving with HRDA and had such pleasure from again being able to hold a pair of reins and have that unique contact with a horse even though I am now a wheelchair user. I had also seen how being a volunteer had helped a member of my family recover from illness. I currently hold the post of Company Secretary on the Trustee Board.
A beach ride in the Summer of 2011 provided the catalyst to my curiosity to discover what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ at a riding school and an internet search later led me to the web pages of the local Riding for the Disabled AssociationA tour of the facilities a week later, I signed up into what I jokingly called a ‘journey into the unknown’. They say never work with children or animals but, by my own admission, a naturally reserved and shy individual had literally volunteered (pun intended!) to throw himself off the deep end! I had never even groomed a horse before, let alone known one end of a bridle from the other! Three years later – a former Volunteer of the Year a familiar face at fundraising events, and with the same enthusiasm as on Day One, I am proud to be involved with such an amazing organisation, and am looking forward to the exciting times ahead as we enter another transitional period with our recent internal restructuring and search for new premises.

Nick Jones – Ambassador

I have been involved with RDA in Herefordshire since 1987 having been a rider, driver and staff member, firstly having ridden with my schools at Bartestree and Yarkhill, before all groups merged together in 1991 to form this fantastic centre. I was delighted when I was asked to become the ambassador for HRDA as the RDA has been a huge part of my life.

When I left school I had a year at college on an agricultural course and then did an equine course based at the Centre before becoming a full time member of the yard staff on a supported employment scheme. I did this for ten years and only left because I found it difficult having my own horses and working with horses all day.

I now volunteer at the Centre 2-3 times a week, also drive with the carriage driving group and attend all their fundraising and promotional events in my role as ambassador.

I am so enthusiastic about HRDA and the therapy they provide as I myself have experienced the positive benefits horses can give to the people who use the services we provide. This would not be possible without the wonderful staff and volunteers who give up their time.