The People


The most important people here are the clients. But it takes a body of people to keep it all going. That’s the staff, the volunteers and helpers, and the trustees.

The Staff

Operations Manager – Rachael King

Riding Instructors

Rachael King – BHSAI & Stage 4, RDA Group Coach

Charlotte Annett – RDA Group Coach

The Yard

Grooms: Charlotte Annett and Steph Boyce.

The Office

Dawn Richardson – Receptionist

Alison Green(volunteer) – Wednesday Morning

Nick Jones(volunteer)- Wednesday Afternoon


Jesse Norman MP, Richard Claridge, Lady Slynn, Marcelle Lloyd-Hayes.


David Harding, Chairman

Denise North

Julie Knight

Sarah Wells

Helen Inman



Nick Jones – Ambassador

I have been involved with RDA in Herefordshire since 1987 having been a rider, driver and staff member, firstly having ridden with my schools at Bartestree and Yarkhill, before all groups merged together in 1991 to form this fantastic centre. I was delighted when I was asked to become the ambassador for HRDA as the RDA has been a huge part of my life.

When I left school I had a year at college on an agricultural course and then did an equine course based at the Centre before becoming a full time member of the yard staff on a supported employment scheme. I did this for ten years and only left because I found it difficult having my own horses and working with horses all day.

I now volunteer at the Centre 2-3 times a week, also drive with the carriage driving group and attend all their fundraising and promotional events in my role as ambassador.

I am so enthusiastic about HRDA and the therapy they provide as I myself have experienced the positive benefits horses can give to the people who use the services we provide. This would not be possible without the wonderful staff and volunteers who give up their time.