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Elliots Amazing Achievements

Elliots Amazing Achievements

Elliot Evans is 28 years old and has Cerebral Palsy as well as autism.  His Cerebral Palsy means that his legs don’t function as well as they should, which means he has to use a wheelchair to get around. When he was 3 years old in 1993, he started riding with Herefordshire RDA as part of his physiotherapy program and he has ridden ever since.  He LOVES horse riding and finds the movement of the horse stretches his legs, helping to build up muscles and keep his core strong, as well as improving his posture and overall fitness.  Riding also improves his mood, as he finds the horses calming and friendly.  As a wheel chair user we are able to mount Elliot on to his favorite horse Jelly with our hoist.

As Herefordshire RDA has helped him so much along his journey, he decided to give something back, in a very dramatic way.  He decided to took to the sky and do his first ever 15,000ft Tandem Skydive. 

Elliott’s sky dive was unfortunately cancelled once , but this did not put him off.  He went down to Somerset  on the 22nd September to do his tandem skydive, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Elliot was aiming to do the Cardiff but sadly he was unable to do it. Through his determination and the help of his trainer Kris Saunders-Stowe from Wheely good fitness they created a half Marathon that took him from Gore to Hereford Leisure pool. On Sunday the 8th October, with his trainer Kris Saunders-Stowe, they completed the route in 4hrs 5mins, arriving at Hereford Leisure pool at 13.05.Elliot raised an amazing £3300 for us through these endeavors, big thank you to Elliot and supporters for all that you have done. Thank you.

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