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25th year celebrations

25th year celebrations

To celebrate our actual Anniversary we had a hours hack, in which we went for a lovely hack up above Holme Lacy House. It was a very warm day and we came back to enjoy drinks and a beautifull cake, which was made by Sue Griffiths. Through the week we had a number of groups who came to see us. They were able to look around the yard, have a go on our mechanical horse, and sit and watch the lessons that were going on.

They enjoyed some drinks and anniversary cake whilst chatting. It had a great effect on one lady who suffers from dementia, as she suddenly started talking about her past with horses, to the surprise of her carers. Some of the people that had a go on the mechanical horse have now ridden with us.

It was a great week for thanking all those that have helped us and continue to help, as well as to hear all their stories of the past.

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