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College dressage on 20/11/16

We would like to thank the college for allowing our staff, volunteers and clients to take part in their college dressage competition. This was a great opportunity for our riders to experience competing with in their familiar school, but with outside judges and against other riders. Some of our riders have never had the opportunity to compete before, so they have learnt how to read a dressage test and memorize it. They have also learnt about what preparation is needed prior to the competition, to full fill their full potential. I would like to thank all staff and volunteers for their hard work for turning the horses out so beautifully and for helping our riders in achieving great tests. As you can see from the results sheet, it was a very successful day for many of our riders. Some riders who were extremely nervous to start with, were very pleasantly surprised by how well they had done. All riders had a lovely time and we look forward to more competitions in the 2017.

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