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RDA Regionals – Stourport 2017

RDA Regionals – Stourport 2017
Elliot Evans and Jessica Dallow waiting for their classes.

This year we took sixteen riders to compete on seven horses, in twenty five classes. Two of the horse’s were Jackie North’s horse Cookie, who was doing his first RDA competition, and Steph Boyce’s pony Daisy, who was doing its first competition.

Jackie North riding Cookie.

Cookie had a good start to his competing career, but sadly Daisy went lame. Daisy is now fine after a rest, and Steph was allowed to compete on one of our horses instead, which was great.

A sad but fitting day for Leah Bradshaw and Shamrock, as it was their last day with us. we wish them well for the future. Louise Taylor and Elliot Evans won their classes on Shamrock.

A big thank you must go out to Dave Davis and Gloucester Land Rovers for supplying transport. Also to the team of volunteers who helped get horses ready the day before, and those that were there on the day helping to make it all possible and enable riders to enjoy the whole experience.

(Q= Qualified for Championships at Hartbury)

 Walk trot dressage class 103  Jason Lane 1st, Ellie Jones 2nd, Robert Carter 3rd
 Walk dressage class 101  Elliot Evans 1st
 Walk trot championship dressage class 69

Zara Roberts 2nd, Jessica Jackson 3rd,

Jessica Dallow 4th, Kilyn Griffiths 3rd juniors.

 Walk trot and canter dressage class 38  Jackie North 3rd
 Countryside challenge led class

Ellie Jones 2nd (Q), Robert Carter – 3rd.

 Countryside challenge unled class

Zara Roberts 1st (Q),

Steph Boyce – 2nd (Q), Kilyn Griffiths 3rd juniors.

 Countryside challenge visually impaired class  Louise Taylor 1st (Q), Vicki Manley 2nd (Q).
 Arts and crafts  Jessica Dallow 1st (Q).
Louise Taylor riding towards 1st place on Shamrock.
Robert Carter riding Maisie at her first show, and coming 3rd place.
Hannah Carpenter having a great day on Mrs Davies Blue.
Kilyn Griffiths riding Mrs Dixon’s Star.

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